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An interview with DJ McCready, co-founder and head brewer at Mountain Culture

This interview was sent out in the April 2021 edition of Club Hops Which of your beers are you most proud of?The Hazy IPAs have been a huge success for us, but I would be lying if I said they were in our initial plans when opening the brewery. In fact, I had never brewed a hazy beer before starting Mountain Culture. We’re proud of them and of how they have developed over the time we’ve been opened - especially the Status Quo because it was the beer we put the most amount of work into perfecting. But on a personal note, I’m proud of our Decoction Lagers. A style that is not often made these days and one that meant we...

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Conversing with a Lambic Enthusiast

This is Jeremy: (He's on the right. You can also find Jez on the internet @coldfizzyones) Those of you who live nearby have maybe chatted with Jez in our Thornbury shop or recognise him from events at the bar. He's our resident Lambic enthusiast and an all around great guy, so we figured we'd sit him down to ask our most funky questions. Enjoy! -- What turned you onto Lambic?The unparalleled funk & complexity of Lambic was the main drawcard. It’s also such a versatile base for fruit additions, so there were plenty of options to explore. And what has kept you enthralled by the style?The proliferation of wine/Lambic hybrids – it’s the best of both worlds. Do you remember the first Lambic you...

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