Keep the beer fridge stocked with a craft beer subscription box arriving straight to your doorstep! We’ve got a subscription for every style of beer drinker, showcasing the best of independent brewers – from Aus and abroad. Find the perfect fit below.

Beerthusiast Club Hops Club Wild
Price (+ shipping) $50 $99 $120
Delivery frequency Every Month Every 2 Months Every 2 Months
Total number of beers 12 12 12
Number of unique beers 7 12 12
Styles in the box Easy drinking selection of pale ales, lagers, dark ales & a cheeky stout or sour just to keep things a little interesting. All hop-forward. Think IPAs, Double IPAs, Hazy IPAs, Hopped Pale Ales, Hopped Lagers and all other things hoppy! All things funky. Think wild ales, sours, saisons, fruited beer and all manner of wild fermentation.
Notes Want to pre-pay / gift this subscription? Order The Gift of Beer. Cold stored at the warehouse and shipped in our insulated shipping box. Like all our subscriptions, all producers featured are proudly independent!

The One - For those on the lookout for fabled unicorns of the beer world!
Due to the overall rarity and difficulty of obtaining many of these beers, this pack is limited to just 48 beer fanatics. This subscription cannot be paused. If you're in, you're in. We maintain a waiting list for suitors who want to find love again when slots become available, offered on a 'one in, one out' process only. Want in? Join the waitlist.