Ale Odyssey - May/June 2023

Ale Odyssey - May/June 2023

In this Ale Odyssey, you’ll find a special re-brew of Hop Nation’s ‘Ratto Cane’ - an Italian Pilsner first brewed for Carwyn Cellar’s annual lager event; Lager is King! Italian Pilsner's are the new kid on the block - only being developed into what they are today in the '90s. Read more here: From swill to skill: the rise of the craft pilsner.

Plus we've sourced a fresh Wet Hop IPA to celebrate the hop harvest and tasty treats in from the US, featuring a variety of stouts and a cheeky smoothie sour.

What's in the box:

Toppling Goliath • Rover Truck

Oatmeal Stout | 5.0% | Decorah, IA USA

Aroma • Roasty, toasty, biscuit.
Flavour • Cashew butter on well-done toast & oats (the breakfast of champions)
Mouthfeel • Dry, creamy.

Great Notion • Orange Creamsicle

Milkshake IPA | 8.0% | Portland, OR USA

Aroma • Orange swirl, vanilla, pine.
Flavour • Vanilla, mango, citrus rind.
Mouthfeel • Medium body, creamy, fluffy.

Untitled Art x 3 Sons • Barrel Aged Mexican Style Pot De Crème

Imperial Pastry Stout | 12.9% | Waunakee, WI x Dania Beach, FL USA

Aroma • Chocolate ice cream, toasted coconut, hazelnut.
Flavour • Golden Rough (chocolate & coconut), cinnamon.
Mouthfeel • Warming, syrupy.

Beer Zombies • Zombie Hwhip: Passionfruit, Papaya, Peach, Pineapple

Smoothie Sour | 8.0% | San Diego, CA USA

Aroma • Peach yoghurt, pineapple nectar.
Flavour • Peach, passionfruit, tinned pineapple.
Mouthfeel • Peach, passionfruit, tinned pineapple.

King River • Mabon

Doppelbock | 7.5% | King Valley, VIC

Aroma • Dates, banana, dark caramel.
Flavour • Light toffee, biscuit, rich caramel.
Mouthfeel • Medium body, light carbonation.

Dollar Bill • Brambalama Ding Dong

Barrel Aged Boysenberry Sour Ale | 6.9% | Invermay, VIC

Aroma • Cherry, plum, funk.
Flavour • Cherry warheads, oak, boysenberry.
Mouthfeel • Spritzy, medium-light body.

Hargreaves Hill • Team World

Double IPA | 8.5% | Lilydale, VIC

Aroma • Fruit salad (yummy yummy), tropical, freshly baked brioche.
Flavour • Herbaceous, papaya, tropical juice.
Mouthfeel • Lightly carbonated, medium bodied.

Hargreaves Hill • RIS 2022

Russian Imperial Stout | 11.2% | Lilydale, VIC

Aroma • Light wood char, raisin, dark chocolate.
Flavour • Espresso, burnt caramel, herbal.
Mouthfeel • Medium-full bodied, astringent.

Bojak • Royal Flush

Red IPA | 6.8% | Dandenong, VIC

Aroma • Biscuit, toast, resin.
Flavour • Dark caramel, dried cranberries, resin.
Mouthfeel • Lingering bitterness, medium body.

Bright x Revel • Cold & Wet

Wet Hopped Cold IPA | 6.5% | Bright, VIC x Bulimba, QLD

Aroma • Herbal, dank, underripe mango.
Flavour • Honeydew, herbal, mango.
Mouthfeel • Lightly carbonated, lightly astringent.

Uraidla • Warlock’s Wisdom

West Coast Double IPA | 8.2% | Uraidla, SA

Aroma • Grapefruit, rockmelon, light caramel.
Flavour • Bread crust, piney, underripe melon.
Mouthfeel • Medium-light body, warming.

Hop Nation • Ratto Cane

Italian Pilsner | 5.1% | Footscray, VIC

Aroma • Bread, citrus, floral.
Flavour • Bready, zesty, grassy.
Mouthfeel • Light, refreshing, crisp.

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