From swill to skill: the rise of the craft pilsner

From swill to skill: the rise of the craft pilsner

Move over IPAs, there’s a new sheriff in town. Sheriff Pilsner. While this light, crisp style of beer may have been associated with mass-produced, watery swill in the past, it’s been making a serious comeback in the craft scene over the last couple of years.

Why, you ask? For starters, pilsners are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re knocking back a couple of froffs on a hot summer day or pairing with a fancy meal, they’re always a solid choice. Plus, with the rise of low-ABV beers, pilsners have become a go-to for those who want to enjoy a few without feeling like they were hit by a truck the next day.

This shift in the market has led to craft breweries across the globe dusting off their lagering tanks and perfecting their pilsner game. From traditional Czech-style pilsners to innovative twists with fruity, fun, floral notes, there’s pilsners for all to enjoy.

So next time you hit up your local, be sure to ask for a pilsner. Join the rebellion against the beer hopocalypse and embrace the refreshing revival of this crisp, fizzy brew. Cheers to the rise of the humble pils!

P.s. in this box you’ll find a special re-brew of Hop Nation’s ‘Ratto Cane’ - an Italian Pilsner first brewed for Carwyn Cellar’s annual lager event; Lager is King! Italian Pilsner's are the new kid on the block - only being developed into what they are today in the '90s! This one is brewed with Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt, then saturated with European hops: Perle, Spalt, Saphir and Tettnang. Enjoy!

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