Wild Trek - Jan/Feb 2023

Wild Trek - Jan/Feb 2023

New year, new Wild Trek box!

The Jan/Feb box features the new Tasmanian Wild Ale from Two Metre Tall, as well as some international classics (Garage Project & Burdock) from the cellar. Rounding out the box is some new releases from local legends as well as two exciting Bottle Logic beers. Another cracking box!

What's in the box:

Two Metre Tall - Tasmanian Wild Ale sensory

Two Metre Tall • Tasmanian Wild Ale

5.5% | Hayes TAS, Australia

Spontaneous Wild Ale

Bad Shepherd - Pink Gin Fizz Sensory

Bad Shepherd • Pink Gin Fizz

4.5% | Cheltenham VIC, Australia

Gin & Berry Sour

Cascade - Gose Roselle sensory

Cascade • Gose Roselle

5.0% | Portland OR, America

Hibiscus Barrel Aged Gose

Cascade - Vernal Equinox sensory

Cascade • Vernal Equinox

5.2% | Portland OR, America

Plum & Black Tea Barrel Aged Sour

Deeds - Booth Juice sensory

Deeds • Booth Juice

4.0% | Geln Iris VIC, Australia

Pineapple & Mango Sour

Burdock - Cherry B sensory

Burdock Brewing • Cherry B

5.2% | Toronto ON, Canada

Dry Hopped Cherry Sour

Bright - Yuzu Sour sensory

Bright • Yuzu Sour

3.6% | Bright VIC, Australia

Yuzu Sour

Molly Rose - Fernandez sensory

Molly Rose • Fernandez

4.9% | Collingwood VIC, Australia

Coffee & Citrus Sour

Bottle Logic - Toes to the Nose sensory

Bottle Logic • Toes to the Nose

5.5% | Anaheim CA, America

Mango, Coconut & Marshmallow Smoothie Sour

Bottle Logic - Perfectly Preserved sensory

Bottle Logic • Perfectly Preserved

6.5% | Anaheim CA, America

Nectarine & Peach Berliner Weisse

Garage Project - Wildflower Manuka sensory

Garage Project • Wildflower Manuka

7.9% | Wellington, New Zealand

Manuka Wildflower Wild Ale

Dunham - Saturne sensory

Wild Barrel • Vice Black Currant

5.6% | San Marcos CA, America

Black Currant Berliner Weisse

Beer Pairings!

Beer & Music

Bottle Logic 'Perfectly Preserved' & The Presidents of the United States of America 'Peaches'

Beer & Food

Wild Barrel 'Vice Black Currant' & pancakes.

Load up a big stack of fluffy pancakes at brunch with whipped cream & maple syrup, then ditch the mimosa and have a glass of this juicy number instead!

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