Tour de Tinnie - September 2022

Tour de Tinnie - September 2022

September's Tour de Tinnie sees a double dunking of a special Trans-Tasman Collaborational beer, brewed by Last Word (Carwyn Cellar's brewing side hustle), in collaboration with Small Gods in NZ, with the help of 3 Ravens in Thornbury. Take a peek behind the scenes with this article - Behind the Brew: Mr Teatime’s Finest Royal Biscuit Ale.

The legends at Wayward have hooked you up with a cheeky bit of merch to keep fresh releases of some of their classic tinnies chilled as we roll into warmer weather. And don't freak out about the Oyster Stout in this box - we promise it's not as scary as it sounds!

What's in the box:

Wayward • Everyday Lager

Australian Pilsner | 4.2% | Camperdown, NSW

Wayward’s new core range lager! A clean, crisp refreshing pilsner with light fruity notes from the addition of Vic Secret hops. An everyday drinker.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Wayward • Everyday Ale

Australian Pale Ale | 4.2% | Camperdown, NSW

This Aussie pale ale won silver in its category in the AIBAs (2021) for its fruity, citrus hop character and subtle malt profile and we understand why! It’s super sessionable and a great fridge filler.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Last Word x Small Gods • Mr Teatime's Finest Royal Biscuit Ale

Biscuit Ale | 4.0% | Thornbury, VIC

Aromas of toast and chocolate, with beautiful red fruit esters giving a slightly sweeter aroma. Flavours of biscuit and light cacao, a good bitter backbone and a dry finish. A beer perfect for the last days of winter and the first days of spring.

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

Bright Brewery • Pale Ale

Pale Ale | 5.0% | Bright, VIC

A modern take on their previous Blowhard Pale Ale. With a fresh new hop line-up including Galaxy and El Dorado that gives it citrus and tropical aromas and lower bitterness, making it more smashable than ever before.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Bonehead Brewing • Mandarin Sour

Fruited Sour | 5.0% | Kensington, VIC

This fruity delight comes out of Bonehead’s Brewhouse series, seeing the brewers go wild with small batch beers. Packed full of mandarin and tropical notes with a subtle tartness that makes an incredibly refreshing and flavourful drop.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

The Mill • Skeleton Crew

Oyster Stout | 7.0% | Collingwood, VIC

Oysters in beer might sound intimidating but fear not! Originally used as a clarifying agent, these days they’re used mostly for flavour. They give this beer a light mineral character that compliments the chocolaty, dark roast malt. It’s a silky smooth and deliciously balanced beer!

Smash ⚪ - ⚪ - ⚫ Savour

Bridge Road Brewers • New Sky

Double Califonia IPA | 8.0% | Beechworth, VIC

The latest addition to Bridge Road’s IPA project! This is an old school, big, West Coast IPA with notes of grapefruit, pine and orange zest, a balanced malt sweetness and a long bitter finish.

Smash ⚪ - ⚪ - ⚫ Savour

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