Tour de Tinnie - October 2023

Tour de Tinnie - October 2023

This Tour de Tinnie box is finally living up to it's namesake, with a collab beer invovling ex-professional cyclist; Mitch Docker!

Plus we've included a can of our super smashing collab with King River brewing. Learn all about this classic beer, 6 months in the making, here: King River x Carwyn Cellars 'KRB Dortmunter Lager' Collab

What's in the box:

Blackman's • Pivot City Lager

Lager | 4.3% | Torquay, VIC

Blackman’s every day pale ale is the perfect sipper as the weather gets warmer across the country. Brewed with Victorian malt and hops, it’s the ultimate beer for everyone.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Batch • Trippy Hippy

West Coast IPA | 5.8% | Marrickville, NSW

Having just re-launched their brand with a fresh new look, Batch are back with some old favourite in funky new clothes! Trippy Hippy is totally about the hops, dude – think rad tropical flavours that mellow you out and leave you all warm and fuzzy inside, man.

Smash ⚪ - ⚪ - ⚫ Savour

Corenlla • Draught

Helles Lager | 4.7% | Cornella, VIC

Cornella’s everyday Draught is their take on a traditional Helles, made Aussie by using local ingredients to create a smashable, crisp lager.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Bridge Road x Mitch Docker • Life in the Peloton

Belgium Blonde | 4.4% | Beechworth, VIC

Bridge Road have teamed up with Aussie cyclist Mitch Docker to create a crisp Belgian blonde. Using locally grown malts and hops, a Belgian yeast was used to recreate the styles Mitch enjoyed throughout his career in Europe.

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

The Mill • Haze

Hazy IPA | 5.8% | Collingwood, VIC

The Mill have been releasing ‘Freshest Haze’ for a number of years now, creating a hazy IPA from hops freshly harvested in Autumn. Now they have created a year-round version using preserved hop variants, resulting in a new and fresh (but not freshest) hazy IPA!

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

King River x Carwyn Cellars • KRB: Dortmunter Lager

Dortmunder Export Lager | 6.6% | King Valley & Thornbury, VIC

A collab months in the making, and boy are we excited to get this one in your hands! We decided to go with a traditional Euro style often left by the wayside and create a Dortmunder Export Lager – crisp, with sweet malts to support the bittering hops.

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

Wayward • Double Passionista

Fruited Berliner Weisse | 7.6% | Camperdown, NSW

Wayward have doubled up their fan-favourite ‘Passionista’! Double the passionfruit, double the yuzu and double the childhood memories of summers sipping on sodas!

Smash ⚪ - ⚪ - ⚫ Savour

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