Tour de Tinnie - October 2022

Tour de Tinnie - October 2022

We're starting to see some fresh, sessionable hoppy beers emerge as we roll into the warmer weather and this box is loaded with them!

In particular, Mordialloc locals, Wolf of the Willows, have come through with the fresh goods - Inner Vision Strata was canned literally DAYS prior to us sending this box out! You'll also find their Golden Hour in LA, a surprisingly flavourful hoppy lo-cal lager, and Double Vision Microdosed, featuring a new dry hopping technique.

What's in the box:

Prancing Pony • Blaze of Haze

Hazy Pale Ale | 4.8% | Totness, SA

A new addition to Prancing Pony’s core range! Refreshing notes of citrus peel and tropical fruit with a subtle lingering bitterness that complement the light malt characters.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Wolf of the Willows • Golden Hour in LA

Hoppy Lo-Cal Lager | 5.0% | Mordialloc, VIC

Low calories but definitely not low on flavour! Full of tropical notes, with pineapple & papaya, this light refreshing drop is perfect for summer BBQs.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Bojak • Amped

West Coast Pale Ale | 5.4% | Dandenong, VIC

THE beer to grab when you’re looking for a tonne of hop flavour without the high alcohol percentage. Brewed using a light malt bill then dry hopped to provide lashings of passionfruit, pine and resin hop characters.

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

Garage Project • Snug

Irish Stout | 5.0% | Wellington, NZ

Snug is one of our FAVOURITE Irish Stouts! A refreshing dry stout with a touch of chocolate and lingering roast bitterness. It has a silky mouthfeel thanks to the use of nitro, so sit back and watch the cascading tiny bubbles form that smooth creamy head.

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

Hop Hen • Good Ol' Guava Sour

Fruited Sour | 4.6% | Lilydale, VIC

Crack this open and you are instantly transported to a sunny island, drinking a freshly squeezed guava juice. Sweet guava on the nose and you’ll find the lower carbonation showcases the bright, fresh fruit with a moderately tart finish.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Wolf of the Willows • Inner Vision Strata

Canned just days prior to sending, this FRESH new single hop Strata brew results in a hazy IPA with big strawberry and grapefruit flavours, finishing with balanced bitterness. Incorporating rolled oats and wheat to the grain bill gives this a pillowy soft mouthfeel. Delicious!

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

Wolf of the Willows • Double Vision Microdosed

A new technique, microdosing, sees beer dry hopped multiple times (14 times for this beer!) during and after active fermentation to bring out the unique flavours of the hops. Big tropical and coconut notes with layers of pineapple and citrus with a touch of sweetness.

Smash ⚪ - ⚪ - ⚫ Savour

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