Tour de Tinnie - July 2024

Tour de Tinnie - July 2024

Keeping things close to home with this box - find a line up featuring classic Victorian breweries!

What's in the box:

2x | The Mill • Lunar Fruits

Blackberry & Yuzu Sour | 4.1% | Collingwood, VIC

Off the back of summer’s popular ‘Super Fruits’, The Mill have put a winter twist on the brew. Substituting summer’s strawberries for rich blackberries, this sour has a beautifully balanced sweetness.

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2x | Warrandyte Brewing • Sunnyside

Pale Ale | 4.2% | Warrandyte, VIC

Born in late 2021, Warrandyte Brewing is a relative new kid on the block. Gypsy brewing out of various Melbourne-based breweries, Warrandyte Brewing is fast building a following within the community for its solid core range of styles with an Aussie twist.

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2x | Philter • Super Cool

Lager | 4.2% | Marrickville, NSW

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Philter’s Super Cool lager! Brewed to be super clean, crisp and refreshing – this one is perfect for an afternoon of footy on the couch.

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2x | Wolf of the Willows • The Woodsman

Amber Ale | 4.5% | Mordialloc, VIC

TIMBERRRRR! Throw on the flannie and crack open a can of amber ale! Perfect for the colder months, there’s plenty of toffee malt flavours in this one!

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2x | Bad Shepherd • Biscoff Choc Brownie

Porter | 5.0% | Cheltenham, VIC

Known for their adjunct laden dark beer (see Peanut Butter Porter), Bad Shepherd brewed a Lotus Biscoff inspired porter for GABS this year. A big brownie whiff on the nose with a biscuity body – perfect as a winter warmer!

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1x | Bodriggy • Cosmic Microwave IIPA

Hazy Double IPA | 7.5% | Abbotsford, VIC

The big brother of Bodriggy’s famous hazy IPA of the same name, this new ‘Cosmic Microwave’ is bigger in every way. Coming in at 7.5% ABV and in a tall 500ml can, this is perfect to sit on over a nice, rich (microwaved) meal.

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1x | Urban Alley • Bellhop

Porter | 5.8% | Docklands, VIC

Ding ding! It’s been a while since we’ve featured this style of beer in Tour de Tinnie. Brewed with plenty of dark roasted coffee in mind and Comet hops to provide a solid bitterness and resinous character.

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