Tour de Tinnie - July 2023

Tour de Tinnie - July 2023

It’s the middle of winter and this month’s box is a perfect treat to keep you going through the cold season. Besides a wide variety of easy drinking and refreshing styles we’ve included a classic "Cascadian Dark Ale" by Lost Palms and the newest release by Love Shack, a delicious "Sweet Stout".

What's in the box:

Hargreaves Hill • Pale Ale

Hoppy Pale Ale | 4.9% | Lilydale, VIC

Since 2004, Hargreaves have been perfecting their hoppy pale ale. Brewed with Ella and Simcoe, this pale is bright and floral, with a solid bitter backbone.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Love Shack • Stout

Sweet Stout | 4.7% | Castlemaine, VIC

A beautifully rich, sweet stout to keep you cozy in the depths of winter, feeling like a warming hot chocolate. Love Shack, that’s where it’s at!

Smash ⚪ - ⚪ - ⚫ Savour

Valhalla • Loki

Mid-Strength Red Ale | 3.3% | Geelong, VIC

The mid-strength red/amber ale has deep roots in Australia, first starting with Little Creatures’ Rogers. Loki follows in these footsteps very successfully with a beautiful caramel biscuit flavour with notes of sweet berries.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Bojak • Easy Times

Lager | 4.5% | Dandenong, VIC

Lagers are meant to be easy. Drink this one super cold and expect very low bitterness. Sweet grains and a light body dominate this smooth brew.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

Dainton • Flamingo

Pink Lemonade Sour | 4.5% | Carrum Downs, VIC

Close your eyes and wish for that summer sun. This light, raspberry and citrus spritz-like sour is the perfect beer for when you don’t want a beer.

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

Lost Palms • Street Lights

Cascadian Dark Ale | 7.3% | Miami, QLD

This dark brew hits you with a spicy sweetness provided by a heavy dosing of rye malt. The Cascadian hops give a deep bitterness, which mellows the sweetness while adding some berry and liquorice notes.

Smash ⚪ - ⚪ - ⚫ Savour

Lost Palms • Waiting Room

Hazy IPA | 6.7% | Miami, QLD

This hazy beer has surprisingly dank notes provided by additions of Citra, Galaxy and Cashmere hops. This drop is smooth with slightly less bitterness than the usual West Coast IPA styles you would expect with this level of dankness.

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

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