Tour de Tinnie - March 2024

Tour de Tinnie - March 2024

We're clinging on to the warm weather with plenty of easy drinkers and sunshine sippers. But with Saint Patrick's Day fast approaching, it would be rude of us to not include a Nitro Irish Stout to help you celebrate. Enjoy!

What's in the box:

2x | Hop Nation • Giddy

Hazy Mid | 3.5% | Footscray, VIC

Giddy the hazy middy is packed full of that hoppy goodness! Think mango, pineapple, passionfruit and orange with a super solid bitter backbone.

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

2x | AVNGE • Papa Bear's Tropical Pale Ale

Pale Ale | 4.3% | Bayswater North, VIC

Papa Bear has hit the beach! A twist on AVNGE’s popular Papa Bear Pale, this brew has a tonne of El Dorado hop added to the mix to boost those tropical flavours!

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

2x | Bright • Gator Juice

Key Lime & Orange Sour | 4.0% | Bright, VIC

Y’all ain’t never tasted nothin’ like this here Gator Juice! Got that tangy citrusy sweetness with a kick of zesty lime just like grandma used to make down by the bayou!

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

2x | Mountain Culture • Lager

Helles Lager | 4.6% | Katoomba, NSW

With a stripped back water profile, this lager is super crisp and clean. Brewed as a Helles style – the sweet malt profile on a biscuity backbone will keep you sipping away!

Smash ⚫ - ⚪ - ⚪ Savour

2x | Holgate • American IPA

American IPA | 6.0% | Woodend, VIC

The American IPA FKA Road Trip has a solid malt profile, throwing us back to the OG IPAs of the 90s and early 00s! It makes sense when you realise that Holgate is celebrating its 25th birthday this year and were one of the first in the country to brew their take on the classic style!

Smash ⚪ - ⚪ - ⚫ Savour

1x | Reckless • Grapefruit Pale Ale

Fruited Pale Ale | 5.2% | Bathurst, NSW

This zesty American-style pale from the brewery from Bathurst is the perfect thirst-quencher on a hot day. Super bright and refreshing with a solid bitterness.

Smash ⚪ - ⚫ - ⚪ Savour

1x | Cornella • Old Town

Nitro Dry Irish Stout | 4.2% | Cornella, VIC

Top o’ the morning to yer! Isn’t it grand that St Paddy’s Day is upon us once more? What better way to mark the occasion than with a hearty glass of Irish Stout? Don’t forget to be giving her a vigorous pour!

Smash ⚪ - ⚪ - ⚫ Savour

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