Tour de Tinnie - April 2024

Tour de Tinnie - April 2024

This latest Tour de Tinnie box features two tinnies from Burnley's revamped core range as well as some red & dark ales to welcome the cooler weather. Enjoy!

What's in the box:

2x | Burnley • Weizen

Hefeweizen | 5.5% | Richmond, VIC

The OG hazy! Weizens are a difficult-to-find style in Australia. With Burnley recently re-launching their core range in a new format that is much friendlier on the pocket, we couldn’t wait to get them on the tour!

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2x | Burnley • Pale Ale

Pale Ale | 4.8% | Richmond, VIC

More commonly known for their German-style beers, Burnley know their way around a classic pale too! And after nearly 7 years, Burnley’s #1 brew is back in a fresh new ‘fit! Super citrusy with a classic dry finish, this will quench any thirst!

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2x | Boatrocker • Northern Red

English Red Ale | 4.5% | Braeside, VIC

Another style not often seen in Australia, the English Red Ale is a malt-driven brew with a biscuit and caramel sweetness. Having a much lower bitterness than their American counterparts, this is incredibly easy to drink!

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2x | Local Beer Co • Victory Draught

Lager | 4.5% | Clifton Hill, VIC

First brewed in collaboration with Melbourne Victory FC in 2022 after being named official beer partner to the club. The perfect lager to drink on game day, whether in the stands or on the couch!

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2x | Devilbend • Ned's Dark Ale

Dark Ale | 4.6% | Tuerong, VIC

A relatively new microbrewery from down the Mornington Peninsula, Devilbend are set up on a farmstead and brew with field to glass in mind. Ned’s dark ale has a balanced sweetness on a nice, bitter body.

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1x | Akasha • Korben

Double IPA | 5.5% | Five Docks, NSW

A classic Aussie Double IPA, Korben has been a mainstay at Akasha over the years. Brewed with all your favourite West Coast hops, it’s a sweet stonefruity bomb on a beautiful bitter palate.

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1x | Kaiju • Mutation #0016: Kevin McCloud

Hazy IPA | 5.5% | Dandenong, VIC

Sustainably designed to delight the tastebuds, ‘Kevin McCloud’ is an endeavour that probably went way over budget and took twice as long as expected. Fluffy-bodied and exquisitely constructed, this peachy brew is worth admiring!

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