The One - March 2024

The One - March 2024

The world map on the front of these inserts (IYKYK) has never looked better! Find beers from both the East Coast to West Coast - on TWO continents - as well as sprinkle of Euro collab treats.

Plus we're working hard on our Schmooze game, once again getting our hands on the only 48 bottles commercially available in country for the Unicorn release. Find Burlington's 2023 'Incantations' Rye Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Stout for your drinking pleasure.

What's in the box:

Rocky Ridge • Sh*t Show Supervisor 

Hazy Double IPA | 8.5% | Busselton, WA Australia | ⭐

Brewed to honour all the supervisors out there just barely holding the workplace together, this hazy IIPA is probably what is needed at the end of their shift. Concocted with a blend of barley and wheat, the haze is backed by a solid sweet palate. It is surprisingly smashable with sweet fruits like pineapple and quince on the nose and candied papaya on the palate.

Range • Double Floating On Green: Citra & Mosaic

Oat Cream Double IPA | 8.6% | Newstead, QLD Australia | ⭐

Range’s famous ‘Floating On Green’ series of Oat Cream IPAs is back with the latest edition being an amped up double version with crowd favourites citra and mosaic! Loaded with four different citra hop products and four different mosaic hop products, this brew is dripping big notes of stone fruit, with Corpse Reviver #2 cocktail vibes.

Fox Friday x One Drop • La La Land

Double West Coast IPA | 8.0% | Moonah, TAS x Botany, NSW Australia | ⭐

Last time Fox Friday and One Drop collaborated on a beer, it was a staff favourite here at Carwyn! Off the back of their ‘Pot Luck’ Hazy TIPA collab 12 months ago, the two brewing legends have travelled from coast to coast to tackle a big Double West Coast IPA. It has a refined resinous quality with a subdued lingering bitterness on the palate.

Grimm • Piña Pop!

Fruited Pastry Sour | 5.0% | Brooklyn, NY America | ⭐

Grimm have been brewing beers at the forefront of innovation for more than 10 years now. One of the first to jump on the New England IPA (or Northeast-style IPA as they refer to it) and pastry sour trains, this concoction was first brewed in 2019 as the pastry sour rose to popularity. Drinking like a tropical icy pole, this one is sure to quench your thirst!

Side Project • Quince

Fruited Barrel Aged Wild Ale | 5.0% | Saint Louis, MO America | ⭐

While people may get more hyped by Side Project’s barrel-aged stouts, they have taken their knowledge of beer, barrel and time and applied it to the world of wilds with this one. Packing a big hit of acidity before mellowing out, the addition of quince provides a soft, floral sweetness on a background of vanilla and oak. It finishes dry and earthy, just like the traditional styles of Europe.

Black Arts • Golden Wild #3

Barrel Aged Wild Ale | 5.5% | Williamstown North, VIC Australia | ⭐

Having started brewing in 2016, Josh and Michael at Black Arts showed incredible restraint, not releasing a beer until 2019 with 3 years’ worth of barrels to blend at launch. They started with a red wild and a golden wild (of which this is blend #3). This particular blend was packaged back in 2020 before being carefully cellared by the team here at Carwyn for a special occasion. Incredibly well balanced, this beer has stood the test of time and has great pomme fruit qualities. It has a very light funk with a rounded acidity.

Hop Nation • Mole Poblano

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Pastry Stout | 11.6% | Footscray, VIC Australia

Inspired by the Mexican dish, this bourbon barrel-aged stout is surprisingly restrained for a pastry stout in emulating the over-the-top flavours typically found in a mole poblano. Vanilla, chocolate, and oak dominate while there is a subtle heat on the back end of the palate. Another treat that has spent a bit of time in our cellar – like the dish this beer was based on, it evolves with age.

Mason Ale Works • Flat Black 2023

Barrel Aged Pastry Stout | 14.5% | San Diego, CA America | ⭐

Mason Ale Works have been patient with this one. Very patient. Aged for a massive 24 months in Willet barrels, this incredibly decadent imperial stout had additions of cacao nibs and vanilla to produce a choccy Easter treat. Huge milk chocolate flavours with a warming quality produced by the extended stint in barrel. Think Kit-Kat, easter eggs and Milo!

Pühaste x AF Brew x Zagovor • Trinity in Black 

Imperial Pastry Stout | 12.5% | Tartu, Estonia x St Petersburg x Moscow, Russia | ⭐

Pühaste opened its brewery doors in the city of Tartu back in 2011 after 5 years of tinkering by head brewer Eero Mander. ‘Trinity In Black’ is a collaboration with two Russian breweries (yes, a real life RIS – kinda) and is pastrified through the addition of tonka beans, vanilla and cinnamon. Sweet and fruity on a solid bitter body, this one is reminiscent of fruited coffee cakes.

Põhjala x Weihenstephan • Ziet

Barrel Aged Wheatwine | 12.0% | Tallinn, Estonia x Freising, Germany

Part of Põhjala’s cellar series, this collaboration with Weihenstephan, the oldest brewery in the world, has been aged in three different port barrels (tawny, ruby, & white) before being blended to perfection. Super low in bitterness with dark caramel, dates and biscuits all very prominent.

Burlington • Imperial Dream Eater 2023

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Pastry Stout | 10.4% | Burlington, VT America | ⭐

The bourbon barrel aged big brother of their Dream Eater pastry stout, this has all the ingredients of a hearty breakfast. Cinnamon Crunch, vanilla, lactose and a healthy serving of coffee have been thrown in the mix to produce a surprisingly dry brew. Very reminiscent of a Black Russian with a side of coffee cake. It has a solid coffee bitterness with hints of liquorice and a warming quality from its time in barrel.

Burlington • Incantations 2023

Rye Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Stout | 10.5% | Burlington, VT America | ⭐

Having managed to get our hands on the only 48 bottles commercially available in the country, we’re super excited to get this one in your hands! With a large portion of the malt bill being rye, Burlington have produced that chewy spiciness that we all know and love before dialling it up to 11 by aging in rye whiskey barrels for 12 months. Heavy dark caramel dominates while a spicy cola-like profile plays on the palate.

⭐ = 4 or higher rating on untappd!

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