The One - March 2023

The One - March 2023

March saw a convergence of fresh and exciting beer arriving from Japan and the US - so we've absolutely LOADED this box with some of the best international releases for your tasting pleasure.

Like last time, the unicorn - Mortalis x Beer Tree 'Morning Truffle' Imperial Breakfast Stout - is 1 of only 48 bottles in the entire country and completely exclusive to this 'The One' box. A brilliant addition to any bottle share or just to enjoy like the baller beer drinker you are!

What's in the box:

Trillium • Fated Farmer: Peach 2018 Reserve

Barrel Fermented Wild Ale  | 6.1% | Boston, MA America

Having just hosted a recent Trillium tap-takeover, we can’t stop raving about the quality of the Massachusetts-based brewery. Famous for their role in the rise of the New England IPA (just look where they’re located!) Trillium is also very highly regarded in farmhouse/wild ale circles. This barrel fermented wild ale was aged for 5-7 months, before refermentation on locally sourced peaches. These peaches lend a delicate stone fruit flavour on a mild sourness, with some funky flavours coming through from the wild yeast and aged hops.

Good Land x 2 Crows • 10,000 Miles

Wild Ale | 6.8% | Traralgon VIC x Halifax, NS Canada

Head brewers Jimmy (Good Land) and Jeremy (2 Crows) first worked on a brew together in a country in which neither of them now resides – Scotland. The two worked together at Stewart Brewing in Edinburgh in the mid-2010s, focussing on IPAs and Pales. This brew is about as far as you can get from those classic, heavy hitting styles. Built on a base of Pilsner, wheat and rye, several strains of American Brettanomyces went to work on their concoction for 62 days before being bottle conditioned for a further five months. Expect hefty carbonation with plenty of funk and acidic pineapple.

Brasserie de Blaugies • La Moneuse Triple X

Saison | 10.0% | Dour, Belgium

This traditional, family-owned brewery has been in operation since 1988. Focussed on producing traditional artisanal Belgian beer, the brewers at Blaugies do not filter or pasteurise any of their brews. La Moneuse Triple X was created for Blaugies 30th birthday and is a stronger variant of their original La Moneuse – named for a local bandit whom one of the brewers is descended from. This Saison has a pleasant musty funkiness, with plenty of fruit character driven by malt and ester-y yeasts.

One Drop • Swamp Funk

Quad Fruited Imperial Sour | 8.2% | Botany, NSW Australia

One Drop love to push the limits of what it means to be beer, whether it be their adjunct laden pastry sours, or their ‘Clean Fusion’ system of removing sediment from IPAs. They have fast become the favourite haunt of many Botany locals, and we can see why! They turn over an unimaginable number of limited releases, always having something new to try at the taphouse. This sour has the addition of four fruits – two black and two white. Blackberry and blackcurrant, white nectarine and white grape, are added to an imperial sour base with lactose to balance the tartness of four fruits.

West Coast Brewing • TDHSSR 2023

Hazy Double IPA | 9.0% | Shizuoka, Japan

A brewery born from a desire to bring what was being done in places like LA to the other side of the Pacific, West Coast Brewing has done as advertised. In an effort to draw in the Japanese market, WCB has focussed solely on producing beers of the highest possible quality no matter how long it needs to take up space in tank. TDHSSR (Triple Dry Hopped Super Sun Rise) is the pinnacle of their brewing. They have hazies, west coasts and doubles but nothing is bigger or better than their triple IPA. Packed to the brim with hops on hops, the dankness will knock you out, luckily there’s a soft landing on its pillowy body.

West Coast Brewing x VERTERE • Window to VERTERE

Hazy Double IPA | 8.5% | Shizuoka x Tokyo, Japan

An annual collaboration between two hop focussed Japanese breweries – ‘Window to VERTERE’ was created to showcase how two identical grain bills and hop additions can end up with two completely different end products. West Coast went the route of putting together a big, hazy creation, while VERTERE decided to sour their brew. Unfortunately for us, VERTERE has kept their iteration within the bounds of Japan, and you’ll have to visit the country to try it.

Phase Three • DDH Trio of Stars

Hazy Double IPA | 7.7% | Lake Zurich, IL America

Phase Three began when three hospitality legends met in Schaumburg, Illinois. Their love of quality craft beer, along with an extensive background in the industry, led to a desire to bring their own creations into the world. Within about 9 months they had a brewery with 12 tanks and a full team to their name. This DDH hazy DIPA is heavily hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy, giving a super pulpy, citrusy stone fruit flavour with a decent amount of resin.

Phase Three • P3 Baltic Porter

Imperial Baltic Porter | 10.5% | Lake Zurich, IL America

In contrast to their DDH Hazy DIPA, this Baltic Porter shows Phase Three can also handle the malty side of life. The lagering process gives this beer a dangerously smooth body, especially when you consider the ABV on it. The higher ABV adds a bit of sweetness without any use of adjuncts. Phase Three say it’s made for the dark days of winter, but we won’t judge if you can’t wait that long!

Mason Ale Works x Mumford Brewing • Hydrowave

Hazy Double IPA | 9.0% | San Diego x Los Angeles, CA America

Mason Ale Works and Mumford Brewing have combined for a fresh new collab. Unfortunately for us, Mumford announced it was closing its doors shortly after this beer went into tank at Mason, potentially making this one of the last beers with the Mumford name on it. Having been released at the start of the year, we’ve had this big hazy shipped to us hot off the press. With generous additions of Riwaka and Motueka, it has a beautiful, creamy body with big hits of citrus and tropical fruits.

Ingenious • Southern Drip

Imperial Milk Stout | 10.0% | Humble, TX America

Although a place called Humble that is situated in Texas may seem like an oxymoron, these guys have successfully been quietly building a solid brand since 2014. Mike and Justin both graduated with science degrees and it’s only natural that they would apply this knowledge to tinkering with the most delicious liquid of all – beer! This beer has copious additions of lactose, vanilla, coffee and pecans – leaving us with an indulgent and sweet stout.

Garage Project • Kohaku

Amber Rice Lager | 4.8% | Wellington, New Zealand

Garage Project have been making weird and wild beers for years now. Consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional recipes (and nailing it!) their roasted rice lager ‘Kohaku’ is no different. Using roasted rice, on a backbone of four other malts, gives the beer a beautiful amber colour not classically seen in rice lagers. It was then delicately hopped with old world Saaz for a slight bitterness. The palate finishes with a beautiful, delicate nuttiness provided by the roasted rice.

Mortalis x Beer Tree • Morning Truffle

Imperial Breakfast Stout | 10.0% | Avon x Port Crane, NY America

Mortalis and Beer Tree, two of the biggest names in beer coming out of the state of New York, have teamed up on another decadent collab. We’ve managed to get our hands on the only 48 bottles in the country, and we’re so excited to pass them on to you. Custom coffee was roasted for Beer Tree and added to the mix. After fermentation, this brew was conditioned on Madagascan vanilla, roasted cacao nibs, and the breakfast of champions – cheesecake!

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