The One - March 2022

For our March 2022 release of The One, we managed to get our hands on not one, but TWO direct release beers from Deeds! These two beers from their Mixed Culture series were tap room and Deeds website exclusive, until now - for our lucky subscribers.

As always, this exclusive box is limited to only 48 subscribers, loaded with a broad selection of beer styles every 3 months, and curated to satisfy any beer fan palate.⁠

What's in the box:

Omnipollo • Barrel Aged Mammut

BA Imperial Pastry Stout | 12.0% | Sweden

Known for making some of the most insane beer around, Omnipollo’s adjunct packed beers are what we could called “liquid dessert”. Brewed in Spain, as part of a project with Mahou (large scale brewery, non-independent) approaching smaller independent producers, these Swedish mad scientists made a Barrel Aged version of their 2019 Mammut; an imperial stout full of maple syrup, vanilla, and toasted hazelnuts. This one goes even larger as it’s been aged in Willett and Buffalo Trace bourbon and rye barrels before throwing coconut, vanilla and toasted hazelnuts on top. Think nutty dessert, as these brewers are nuts!

Mortalis • Hyrda - Passionfruit, Sweet Cherry & Peach

Fruited Sour | 7.0% | NY, USA

One of the top 35 breweries worldwide on Untapped! Straight from Avon (New York) these brewers have become famous for their Hydra series: heavily fruited slushie sours which rate absolutely off the charts! We are talking BIG and THICK. Each Hydra release is a different head of this mythological creature, and this particular one blends passion fruit, sweet cherries, and peaches together to form a fruit salad monster smoothie that will blow you away!

De Struise Brouwers • Black Albert

Russian Imperial Stout | 13.0% | Belgium

Literally, ‘De Struise Brouwers’ means ‘the sturdy brewers’. Starting in 2001 as Gypsy brewers, they’ve rightfully gained worldwide recognition. After the release of their popular Belgian Dark Strong "Pan-nepot", "Black Albert" is the beer that put them on the map. While undeniably a big, bold, 13% Russian Imperial Stout, De Struise like to call it a Belgian Royal Stout. ‘Belgian’ relating to the fact that all the ingredients used in the beer come from Belgium and ‘Royal’ referencing the king after whom the beer is named: King Albert II. He was nicknamed by many as the ‘laughing king’, and De Struise Brouwers say that "it is only fitting that the beer named after him should put a big smile on your face".

Maltgarden • Where Are My Goggles

Imperial Pastry Stout | 12.5% | 375ml

Maltgarden has only been around for a few years, but the man behind it is one of the most successful home brewers in Poland: Andrzej Miler. Proudly independent, they feature very cool artwork that pes into retro design styles with modern typefaces. Following the trends prevailing on the market, "Where are my goggles" pastry stout adds some interesting ingredients: carob, vanilla, and cinnamon. Pours as a lusciously thick, jet-black liquid, and the spices are perfectly balanced, resulting in a great beer that will be ideal for dessert.

Uiltje Brewing • Cuvee Du Owl

Barley Wine | 12.5% | Netherlands

This Dutch brewery makes some great quality brews, and have been getting very popular worldwide with their fun cartoon-packed artwork (including some comic strips!). They explore the crafty beer extremes of their medieval city Haarlem (not the NY one of course) by brewing well known styles as well as other interesting and experimental concoctions. This dark Barley Wine, aged in wine and cognac barrels with American oak chips added for extra character, is full bodied and slightly viscous but finishes softly.

Sobremesa Fermentary & Blendery • Soul Flower

Stainless-Aged Saison | 5.4% | VIC, Australia

Casey and Hannah, the two kiwis behind this young brewery, are putting out some phenomenal mixed ferment and farmhouse style beers. Both very committed to environmental sustainability, and they apply it as much as they can in their company. All of their releases have been in bottle, but we have for you their first canned release: “Soul Flower”. This is Sobremesa’s interpretation of an old world style saison - fermented warm in stainless for 4 weeks with their house saison strain before can-conditioning for 6 weeks. Unfiltered and naturally conditioned. If this is anything like their past releases you are in for a treat, friends.

Banks Brewing • Cake Eater: Cintra & Mosaic

DDH Oat Cream DIPA | 8.0% | VIC, Australia

Like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Bacon & Eggs or Chocolate & Strawberries — Citra & Mosaic are one of those classic combinations that just work wonderfully. So, it’s no surprise that this release is one of the most popular Banks Brewing’s versions of Cake Eater (so popular that it sold out in less than a week). With lactose and oats to create a creamy character, expect these hops to take this beer and turn it into a super juicy, super smooth, tropical fruit bomb.

Humble Sea • The Legend of Shellda

DDH West Coast DIPA | 8.0% | CA, USA

Founded in Santa Cruz (California) in 2015, Humble Sea has become a community hub to support ocean-based causes and human rights issues. They’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars, and awareness for local groups and non-profits, thanks to the community of Santa Cruz, the Bay Area, and others. “The Legend of Shellda” is bittered with Mosaic and flavoured with a big dry hop mix of Mosaic, Strata, and Wai-iti. Expect pine, grapefruit, sage, mandarin candy and pineapple with a refreshing but resinous mouthfeel. Yes, baby it’s DANK.

Hop Nation • Rasselbock

Smoked Doppelbock | 7.8% | VIC, Australia

Another mythological creature in our box! As the Footscray based brewers describe it; the Rasselbock has the head and body of a lager and the antlers of woodfired smoke, balanced on the wings of lightly spiced aromatics. Brewed for Mountain Culture’s Rauchbier festival, we are blessed with the opportunity to fly "above the forest to soar like the Rasselbock".

Bellwoods Brewery • Farmageddon (Batch 15)

Barrel Aged Wild Ale | 6.3% | ON, Canada

Hailing from Toronto, these brewers have managed to make a big name for themselves in the crowded Canadian beer scene. Known overseas for their wild ale blends and fruit-forward sours, "Farmaggedon" might be one of their most loved beers. This is their wild farmhouse ale that they’ve been brewing, blending, and aging for almost as many years as they’ve been open. The blending pro-cess allows them to maintain a common thread across batches, and the Brett and bacteria changes each release to make it unique, while keeping true to its roots. Vinous Gewurz character and oak are followed by tropical fruit, vanilla and white grapes. Assertive acidity will tingle your tastebuds, but it’ll ease with the second and third sip. It just keeps on getting better!

It’s been 3 years since Deeds started brewing in their current home in Glen Iris, Victoria. And although they are very well known for their hoppy brews, barrel ageing and barrel fermented was always part of their plans.

They’ve been inspired by breweries around the globe, from Lambic and Gueuze producers in and around Brussels, to more modern interpretations by American sour beer brewers. We are very excited about this barrel program is and look forward to seeing it grow!

These two beers were not available for wholesalers and it was a Deeds tap-room and website exclusive, until now, for you lucky ones.

Deeds Brewing • Decadence

Fruited Mixed Ferment Sour | 4.8% | VIC, Australia

Deeds only released their first Mixed Culture Beers at the end of 2021 — but the first brews to start this program went into oak in late 2019. After patiently waiting for the barrels to mature and show signs that this golden liquid was ready to enter its next phase of life, 12 months later, as they selected some barrels that would work well with boysenberries.

These heavily fruited beers (at an absolutely insane rate of 570 grams per litre!) were supposed to be back blended with some additional beer for extra balance, but they thought the "intense jammy goodness" of the uncut version was worth sharing, hence Decadence.

Deeds Brewing • Indulgence

Fruited Mixed Ferment Sour | 5.0% | VIC, Australia

Indulgence follows a very similar path to Decadence, as it was also selected and heavily fruited, but with Morello Cherries instead, originally to be back blended with beer down the line, but the “jammy goodness” came along with this fruit addition too, and so, Indulgence was born.

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