The One - December 2023

The One - December 2023

Published a little bit late, this iteration of The One absolutely deserves to be known! We finished the year with some Xmas-themed beers and some tasty & rich beers to pair perfectly with the holiday feasts.

This box's unicorn beer comes from one of our new favourite imported US breweries from the last few years: Bottle Logic. We've gotten our hands on the only stock that made it into retail of these delicious concoction made in collab with Cape Neddick (ME) brewers Odd by Nature. 

What's in the box:

Seeker • 12 Hops of Xmas

Hazy IPA | 7.7% | Unanderra, NSW, Australia

To get us into the festive spirit, Seeker Brewing have created an absolute hop monster with not two, not three, but 12 different hops! Yes TWELVE! With each variety being put on a different day for 12 days straight. While the idea might sound overwhelming, the quality that these muso-brewers have shown throughout this year is still present in this brew. Massive fruit character, layer and layers of hop complexity, super well balanced, where you can almost taste each hop individually. The fanciest of deconstructed fruit salads.

Bracket • Social Experiment

TBD (?) | 7.4% | Alexandria, NSW, Australia 

The NSW hop masters make us all part of this experiment, as they come up with a beer with no defined beer style! From website: “No, TBD is not a new beer style, it just shows that sometimes we get too engrossed in making the beer what it wants to be that when it’s done we don't even know what to call it”. Well, style or no style, this beer is hazy perfection! A beautiful peach colour and packed with heaps of flavour! Papaya, Coconut and Fuzzy peach with massive herbal vibes, this beer screams summer!

Bracket • Tune In

DIPA | 8.2% | Alexandria, NSW, Australia 

Yet another bangin’ IPA from Bracket! Honestly these folks have become one of the top producers of IPAs in the country. Featuring one of Bracket’s current favourite hops (Motueka), Rakau and a couple of other classic American West Coast hops which are finally seeing a resurgence in the Australian craft beer industry over the last year: Centennial & Chinook. Get both Stonefruit and Resinous character, the best of both worlds. Quite big in body but very well balanced an refreshing, with a lingering bitterness.

Adroit Theory • Atomic Age (Ghost ATOMIC AGE)

Imperial Coffee Stout | 12% | Purcellville, VA, United States

It’s been way too long of a time since we’ve seen Adroit Theory in the country!
Is this a metal and hardcore concert poster? Or maybe the newest album cover of a Death Metal band? No, this yet another badass artwork from the Adroit Theory team! You should always know that it’s definitely a hint of the kind of beer that you’re about to try: something that will rock your socks off. This is no exception. A massive dark beer that was conditioned on freshly roasted coffee beans. The aroma is surprisingly herbal, with almost a hint of chilli. In taste it just screams coffee cake and a fresh pot, with a bitter roasty finish. Surprisingly easy drinking! Be careful friends!

Behemoth • Paper Millionaire

Pōkeno Whisky BA Imperial Stout | 12.5% | Mount Eden, Auckland, NZ

The Pōkeno Distillery (located in Pōkeno, NZ) is the largest distillery in Aotearoa, they have gathered multiple accolades and have put NZ whisky on the map. Now bring on Behemoth, a NZ brewery with worldwide recognition. Although known for their hoppy beers, they make fantastic big Imperial Stouts such as their “Drink Tomorrow” and “Bat$hit Crazy” series. This decadent & big beer will not disappoint! Oak is very present, with notes of Sherry and Red Table Grapes. Big roast & toast character from the malts with hints of toffee and a bitter finish.

De Molen • Balcones Edition 2023

Imperial Stout Aged in Balcones Barrels | 11.4% | Bodegraven, Netherlands

We don’t really need to introduce these folks. De Molen has been part of our shelves for ages and every time we have a shipment by them you know you’ll get a surprise, with a variety of experiments with barrel and different styles. This beer showcases Balcones barrels (American Distillery) and it’s a delicate and complex beverage. Notes reminiscing of coconut and chocolate sponge cake, with a hint of liquorice and light umami. Absolutely delicious.

Good Land • Billion$

BA Blended Imperial Pastry Stout/Quad | 11% | Traralgon, VIC, Australia

Get ready for dessert in a (golden) can! Our Traralgon mates have brewed a monster of a beer, blending Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout with Starward Barrel Aged Quadrupel, aged then for an extended time and blended with fresh Imperial Stout, with the addition of basically everything you could find in a fancy confectionary & bakery. These brewers really show their pedigree In this flavour bomb, executed beautifully. Notes of banana lollies, peach cobbler, vanilla slice and marshmallows. We’re so happy to see more and more of these unique type of beers in the market.

WeldWerks x Fox Friday • Fox Factory

Hazy IPA | 6.5% | Greeley, CO, United States

This great collab brew orchestrated by Forward Hops, was actually born from a visit by the Fox Friday brewers to the US about 2 years ago, when they were selecting hops during harvest. A friendship was born that was brought into fruition by the WA beer importers! WeldWerks are well known for their hoppy beers (especially their Juicy Bits IPA) and have won multiple accolades at both the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup. For this beer the Fox Friday team even travelled to Greeley for the canning day, and they were pretty happy with the result. A perfect blend of stonefruit and citrus character with a bitter finish, but not very lingering. Bold body, but super refreshing. Simply a great collab!

Mountain Culture x BRIX • Cauldron Bubble

Rum BA Dopplebock | 8.4% | Katoomba, NSW, Australia

We bring an unusual release by the Blue Mountains brewers, no, it’s not a big BA Imperial Stout or Double IPA, it’s something much more delicate… a Doppelbock. This is a Doppelbock on the lighter side of colour (which is not uncommon in Germany), and it has been aged in Sugar Cane Spirit Barrels by Brix Distillers in Surry Hills! It’s like Rum & Raisin, with notes of Dry peaches and Golden Syrup. Sultanas & Hot cross buns. Delicious and a lot easier drinking that you’d ever imagine.

Black Arts • Rouge

Spiced Cherry Wild Ale | 6% | Williamstown North, VIC, Australia

Black Arts make some of the most delicate Wild Ales in the country, they’re not the kind of brewers that has a new release every single month, but we can count on whatever they release, it’ll be something truly great. This is no exception. The fruit component really shines, with a Sherry character that adds complexity and a puckering tartness. The hints of vanilla and oak are subtle. And a light acetic character makes this resemble to a Flanders Red Ale. The ultimate drink for the festive season.

Orval • Belgian Pale Ale

Trappist Ale | 6.2% | Wallonia, Belgium

The most iconic Belgian Pale Ale in the whole world! A classic one for homebrewers to try to clone. Originally made in 1931, this beer has a unique character due to the presence of the Brettanomyces Bruxellensis yeast strain, classic of Wild Ales, but this time purposely added to this Trappist brew for complexity and for extra dry character. This beer only arrives in Australia very few times a year, and never in huge quantities, and it’s always a treat. It’s never a bad time to drink an Orval, you’ll always discover something new. Notes of Banana bread, spiciness & earthiness on a light body. As always, this beer is highly carbonated, so careful when pouring!

Bottle Logic x Odd By Nature • Finite Universe 2023

BBA Pastry Imperial Stout | 12.8% | Anaheim, CA, United States

You know that if there’s a Bottle Logic Stasis Project beer, it’s going to be something huge! The Anaheim brewers have joined forces with Maine brewers Odd by Nature in this Donut inspired massive Pastry Stout. Big bourbon character, with notes of toffee red apple, dark caramel, fudge brownie and macerated balsamic strawberries with Vanilla Ice cream. Honestly layers and layers of flavour. Only 48 bottles of this beer came into market, and you’re the proud owner of one! Perfect for sharing, enjoy! 

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