Schlenkerla & Smoke

Schlenkerla & Smoke

Campfire & glazed ham meets beer - and it’s delicious!

Rauchbier (German for “smoke beer”) is one of the most divisive beer styles on the market – but strangely moreish. The first sip can be quite overwhelming, but your palate adjusts quickly and by the time you're at the bottom of the glass, you're craving another one! It can be an exciting experience and an unbelievably delicious complement to a meal.

Not all breweries delve into the world of smoke and when they do, the often give a traditional style a smoky twist, such as a ‘smoked porter’. But in this edition of Ale Odyssey you’ll find a beer from one of the original smoky breweries; Schlenkerla.

Schlenkerla Brewery around 1680
Schlenkerla Brewery around 1680

Founded in 1405 in Bamberg Germany, the Schlenkerla brewhouse is run today by the Trum family (6th generation). Rauchbier at Schlenkerla is still being tapped directly from wooden barrels (according to old tradition) at their brewery tavern and it’s a must visit when on a European beer pilgrimage.

Rauchbier comes from the very old tradition of drying the germinating grains with fire before brewing a beer, so for a long time many of the beers that were being produced were slightly smoky. But it has been Schlenkerla that has kept the brewing tradition alive and has made the style popular worldwide in modern times.

While Schlenkerla’s Eiche Doppelbock is traditionally enjoyed as a Christmas treat, there’s no harm getting into it a few weeks early 😉

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