Freestyle Hops’ Flawless Victory - SubZero Hop Kief

Freestyle Hops’ Flawless Victory - SubZero Hop Kief

You might look at the varieties of hops featuring in three beers in our latest Hop Quest box and think: ‘What on earth is a SubZero Hop Kief?’ and ‘Why is it named after the coolest (see what I did there?) character in Mortal Kombat?’ Well, my friend, SubZero Hop Kief is the latest lupulin product out of New Zealand-based company Freestyle Hops.

It’s been built for cold side use and can be added super late in the process after fermentation has concluded. Think of how a chef seasons a meal just after plating, right before it hits your lips. This is how brewers can use this product, adding it to the beer just before packaging, giving the brew a lift in fruity flavours and aroma, leaving you drooling for more.

They’ve kief-ified a variety of different hops, allowing significant flexibility for brewers to get the creative juices flowing. With very low bitterness and a creamier mouthfeel, SubZero Hop Kief can be used to give more complex fruity notes, without bitterness overpowering the more subtle flavours.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over here and test your might on a couple of these cold ones. They’re so smashable it won’t be long before you FINISH HIM!

Image: Freestyle Hops

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