Cryo Hops & Cryo Pop, Lupulin Pellet & Lupo Max?

Cryo Hops & Cryo Pop, Lupulin Pellet & Lupo Max?

These terms are getting more and more prevalent on the labels of IPAs, but what do they actually mean? The short answer is that they are innovative hop products, used to make the beer that you drink easier to brew and better to enjoy.

The first thing to get out the way is that, while they have different catchy brand names, all these products are essentially quite similar. The goal is to get the most flavour out of the hop cone as possible, and they do this by using freezing temperatures to separate all the little parts of the hop cone until they are left with only the essential oils and resin (the yellow pollen-like substance inside a hop cone). The good bits are then powdered or pelletised and sent off to brewers around the world so they can bless us with those hazy, juicy IPAs we all love so much.

These concentrated hop products help brewers improve the brewing process by making beer that’s cleaner with more aromatic and intense hop flavour without any grassy, bitter or astringent flavours sometimes imparted by the additional vegetal matter. Plus it helps reduce brewing waste, which means more beer for us!

In the box: Hop Quest Aug 22

In this month’s Hop Quest box you’ll find a handful of breweries using these products, enjoy exploring!

  • Fox Friday - Staycation
  • Deeds - A Quiet Deed 10th Birthday Beer
  • Bright - Pina Colada IPA
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