Beerthusiast - October 2021

This month, we're enjoying a Belgium classic and some fresh new drops from some around Aus. In particular, one of these beers features a fairly new hop product; Citra Lupomax! Read up on these New Hop Products and taste the science for yourself.

What's in the box:  

Akasha • Super Chill

Session Ale | 4.2% | 375ml
This brand new release is kicking us into spring with tropical notes worthy of easing us into full on summer.
Drinkability: Quaff

The Mill Cracking Lager

XPA | 4.0% | 375ml
The Mill have rebranded and this lager is a perfect fit for their new old school look. It’s a classic like the German originals that inspired it. 
Drinkability: Quaff
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Venom x Cradle of Filth King Chaos

'Impaler Ale' | 4.5% | 375ml 
A collab with extreme heavy metal band Cradle of Filth. Tropical, citrus and floral notes and carried through on a dangerously soft palate thanks to the addition of wheat. It’s deadly delicious. 
Drinkability: Quaff 
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Palm Belgium Amber Ale

Belgium Amber Ale | 5.2% | 330ml 
Truly Belgian and truly Palm, this beer uses malts and yeasts that are unique and specific to the brewery, while using mellow English Kent hops for balance.
Drinkability: Quaff 

Bridge Road Brewers Tropical Sour

Kettle Sour | 4.2% | 355ml 
Get your swimsuit on and your towel out cause this beer is going to give you serious Bahama beach vibes!
Drinkability: Quaff
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Range Brewing • Pineapple Sour

Kettle Sour | 4.2% | 355ml 
Like pineapple sherbet this will bring out the child in you while the grownup sophisticate in you delights at its golden view and nuance.  
Drinkability: Savour
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Good Land Something Something Citra Citra

IPA | 7.2% | 440ml 
Using Citra and Citra Lupomax, a form of hop pellet designed for super concentration of lupulin oils so you get the most hop bang for your green!
Drinkability: Savour
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Did you have a fav?

We hope you enjoy this month's selection - let us know below if you found a new fav!

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