Beerthusiast - November 2021

This month's Beerthusiast box showcases a couple of West Coast IPAs, a Tassie Lager and other goodies! Ultra clear West Coast IPAs and Hazy New England IPAs has been in constant battle for US IPA supremacy, and this box sees a little of both. Read more on these two classic IPA styles here: West Coast vs New England IPA

What's in the box:

Moon Dog • Goin' Steady

Mid-Strength XPA | 3.5% | 330mlDrinkability: Quaff

We’re not one to snub our noses at a beer that we can have MORE of and not feel dusty the next day, especially when this full of tropical flavours!

Brew Tassie Lager

Lager | 4.3% | 375mlDrinkability: Quaff

From Moo Brew’s new sibling comes this smashable lager sure to refresh and revive both you and your friends. Not too big on hops? This one’s for you.

Bonehead Almost Famous

Pomegranate & Lime Sour Ale | 4.5% | 375ml Drinkability: Quaff

Take a refresher with this ale that’s just starting to edge into puckery without making your face contort. Neither fruit is hidden and makes you feel like you should be laughing in the sunshine.

Public Brewing Red Falcon

American Red Ale | 5.0% | 355ml Drinkability: Savour

The ‘American’ in the title means bringing all the caramel, toffee and red berry malt flavor that warms our hearts with an added hops that gives us our much-needed bitter edge.

The Mill • El Toro

West Coast IPA | 6.7% | 375ml Drinkability: Savour

With the exact piney, resinous, citrus aroma and some dank bitterness and decent malt backing this is the type of brew that makes us say West Coast Best Coast!

Deeds • Simpatico

Hazy DIPA | 8.3% | 440ml Drinkability: Sip

Utilizing the single hop, Simcoe, this hazy exudes the classic Pacific Northwest characters of citrus, resin and pine. But don’t expect any brashness, the addition of oats softens this baby right up!

Mountain Culture x Capital Brewing • West Coast NEIPA

IPA | 7.0% | 375ml Drinkability: Savour

This oxymoron collaboration brings together the two hottest styles of IPAs. A bit bitter, a lot fruity, a bit dank, a lot hazy. Let your senses explore and bask in the delight of East meets West.

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