Beerthusiast - June 2022

Beerthusiast - June 2022

This box features a warming little something for the cold of winter, a social enterprise based beer for a feel good brew, and some clean & crisp classics to have you dreaming of summer again.

Beer Spotlight: 3 Ravens - Nevermore Mulled Stout

From Milkshake IPAs, a range of Juicy hazies, pastry kettle sours, mixed-fermentation wild ales, barrel-aged imperial stouts and smoked lagers, to a core range of local favourites, you can count on 3 Ravens for an old faithful or something that will completely catch you off-guard. Take their newest release for example - the Nevermore Mulled Stout; a beer that is meant to be! Yep, we didn’t think we heard it right either. Beer is upping its winter warmer game, just tip the can into a pot, heat to 60°C and enjoy! You can even add a dash of sugar or spirit of choice if you’re feeling a bit nice or... naughty.

What's in the box:

Kaiju (VIC) • Hopped Out Red

American Amber Ale | 6.5% | Drinkability: Savour

A seasonal release from Kaiju. Caramel, candied orange, orange peel, cherry, pine, and the toasty sweetness on the nose is grounded with a balanced bitterness on the palate.

Fury & Son (VIC) • Pilsner

Pilsner | 4.8% | Drinkability: Quaff

Aromas of pink bubblegum, grass, and lemon zip with a satisfying bitterness make this anything but your early uni-days flavourless Pils.

Temple (VIC) • Anytime

Pale Ale | 4.7% | Drinkability: Quaff

Lime, grapefruit, peach, and some malt sweetness on the nose - this Pale is easy on the palate, with just enough bitterness to drive you through to the next sip.

The Grifter (NSW) • Pink Galah

Pink Lemonade Sour | 4.7% | Drinkability: Quaff

Truly a beer that tastes like pink lemonade, this brew has hit the nail on the head! Raspberry and a tartness akin to real lemons, this will refresh your senses and nostalgic memories.

Local Brewing (VIC) • Sunway IPA

West Coast | 6.2% | Drinkability: Savour

Local is more than a brewery, it was designed as a charitable endeavor. The 5 founding friends teamed up with SecondBite to provide a meal to someone in need with the sale of every pack or pint of beer. Since 2019 Local has donated over 150,000 meals to those who need them.

3 Ravens (VIC) • Nevermore Mulled Stout

Spiced Stout | 6.0% | Drinkability: Sip next to a fire!

You’ve heard of mulled wine and mulled cider, now give mulled beer a go! This limited edition spiced stout is made to be drunk hot! Follow the directions on the can to experience the ultimate winter warmer. We suggest adding a little sugar if you’ve got a sweet tooth like us.

Cheeky Monkey (WA) • IIPA

Double IPA | 8.8% | Drinkability: Savour

This baby is tasting fresh and hiding its ABV cheekily well. Guava, pine, orange, Meyer lemon, candied nectarine give this its Aussie and American West Coast vibes.

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