Beerthusiast - January 2022

Kicking 2022 off right, the Beerthusiast box features some an absolute banger  from Future Mountain (it was so damn good we even included in the fabled 'The One' box!) as well as some session sours and zippy lagers. 

What's in the box:  

Future Mountain • Hands of Gold

Mexican Lager | 4.1% | 375ml
Drinkability: Quaff
Summer is the season of smashable lager drinking! Future Mountain gets this and for the third year in a row is releasing their hot weather freshie brewed with 35% corn to lighten the body, with added Tahitian Limes and Agave Nectar.

Golden Hills • Pale Ale

American Pale Ale | 4.8% | 375ml
Drinkability: Quaff
This Pale doesn’t skimp on citrus aroma thanks to a heavily dry-hopped dose of American hops.

Hawkers • West Coast IPA

West Coast IPA | 7.2% | 375ml 
Drinkability: Savour
A bangin and accurate version of a classic West Coast; dank, bitter, citrus and pine aroma almost launching out of the glass and good malt presence. We never tire of this brew.

Bright Brewery • Mango Sweetart

Sour Ale | 4.2% | 375ml 
Drinkability: Quaff
Ready to make you feel like you're on holiday in the tropics (and who doesn’t want to be there right now) thanks to the addition of mango and tropical hops!

Blackman's Brewery • Strawberry Fields

Sour Ale | 4.5% | 330ml 
Drinkability: Quaff
A brand new, limited release using strawberries that were hand picked by the team at Blackmans. Paired along with a dash of lactose this is strawberries and cream in your mouth.

Garage Project (NZ) • Mecha-Hop: Singularity Citra

Hazy Pale Ale | 6% | 330ml 
Drinkability: Quaff
Using only Citra hops in a variety of forms (pellet, cryo, extracts, oils) all throughout the brew to really show what Citra is capable of!

Stone Brewing (USA) • Buevaveza

Lager | 4.7% | 473ml 
Drinkability: Quaff
This ain’t your normal lager, this lager is ready to partay! With lime and salt this’ll put a zing in your step and be a great pairing for food!

Did you have a fav?

We hope you enjoy this month's selection - let us know below if you found a new fav!

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