Beerthusiast - February 2022

We take our monthly mission of selecting a rippin’ selection of beers together for you very seriously, but boy if we didn’t get giddy when we put the finishing touches on this pack with beers! We've managed to secure two beers from three of the industry’s most respected breweries; Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head & Other Half!

What's in the box:

Moffat Beach (QLD) • Deadbeat Boyfriend Easy Drinker

Cream Ale | 4.5% | 375ml
Drinkability: Quaff

There’s cream involved in this smashable brew. America’s response to the popular German lagers was a light, crisp and clean ale that’s made to go down easy.

The Coastal Brewing Co (NSW • Cold XPA

Cold XPA | 6.2% | 375ml
Drinkability: Quaff

Think XPAs are more refreshing than your typical Pale Ale? Wait ‘til you try a Cold one! Fermented using lager, instead of ale, yeast then generously hopped with Nelson Sauvin & Wai-iti hops for the NZ Hops Great Brew Challenge 2022 hosted by Carwyn Cellars!

Heroes & Villains (WA • Gordon Road Draught

Lager | 4.5% | 375ml
Drinkability: Savour

A solid beer for any day, any time with anyone. When you don’t feel like thinking too hard just sit back, relax, and crack this tinnie.

Urban Alley (VIC) • Aperitivo Pilsner

Pilsner | 4% | 375ml
Drinkability: Quaff

Get ready for a surprise upon sipping this one! Inspired by Italian-style dry-hopped Pilsners, they’ve upped the sunshine in this one by adding blood oranges to the mix!

Burleigh Brewing (QLD) • Fig Jam IPA

IPA | 6.0% | 375ml
Drinkability: Savour

A traditional IPA with a sturdy malt backbone to support fruity and bitter American hops introduced to the beer at multiple stages in the brewing process.

Sierra Nevada x Dogfish Head (CA & DE, USA) • Life & Limb

Strong Ale | 10.2% | 473ml
Drinkability: Sip

This naturally carbonated crazy collab is built to develop with age and has been fermented with a blend of Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head’s house cultures using maple and birch syrup.

Sierra Nevada - California, USA
The name Ken Grossman has become synonymous with ‘craft beer’ since he kicked off his commercial brewery, Sierra Nevada, in the 1980s. His signature Pale Ale took the world by storm, defining the American version of the style, then along came Bigfoot (a 10% malt forward Barleywine-style ale) and the USA’s first wet hop beer, Harvest Ale. These beers were regarded then, and they’re still regarded now. Sierra Nevada was a trail blazing brewery that hasn’t slowed down and has become a favourite of new and veteran beer consumers.

Dogfish Head - Delaware, USA
Upon opening in 1995, the Dogfish Head brewpub was the smallest of its kind in America and has grown to be one of the largest and most prolific. Founder Sam Calagione has, literally, written the book…well books…on the business and art of brewing. Using an electric football game and inspired by the way he saw a soup being seasoned on TV, Sam’s 90-Minute IPA was the first the utilize the continuous hopping technique allowing for a surge of hop aroma and balanced bitterness and all us IPA drinkers have been grateful ever since.

Other Half (NY, USA) • Traced

Hazy DIPA | 8.0% | 473ml
Drinkability: Savour

Get ready for a hop bomb! Using Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy T-90 and Ekuanot Cryo meaning less green and more mean aromas. Ultimate hoptimization!

Other Half - New York, USA
Other Half are the brewery equivalent of the movie ‘Jaws’, not only are they absolute IPA sharks but visit their Brooklyn brewery and you’ll see blockbuster lines of eager drinkers waiting to get a sip of their newest hoppy nectar. You may see ‘DDH IPA’ on cans everywhere these days but Other Half are credited as being the first to slap those six letters on their label. With locations now in New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, a huge social media following and over 1000 beers brewed since they opened in 2014, they have truly solidified a brilliant reputation in the global beer scene.

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