Beerthusiast - April 2022

This month's box features an exciting collab beer we are proud to have created with local legends, Tallboy & Moose. Dark Nebula is a Wet Hop Black IPA, designed to showcase hoppy aroma and malty bitterness - a perfect beer for the changing seasons!

What's in the box:  

Tallboy & Moose x Carwyn Cellars (VIC) • Dark Nebula

Wet Hop Black IPA | 6.3% | 375ml
Drinkability: Savour
A collaboration between Tallboy & Moose and Carwyn Cellars using freshly harvested Eclipse hop cones. An absolute malty hop bomb!

Little Bang (SA) • May Contain Traces of Panther

Chocolate Porter | 6.5% | 375ml
Drinkability: Savour
This English Porter is a perfect welcome to the malty and rich winter beers we love. Expect a balancing bitterness over light chocolate and roast flavours.

The Albert Brewery (TAS) • Pilsner

Pilsner | 5.2% | 375ml 
Drinkability: Quaff
A signature beer for this lager-focused brewery in Tassie. Pours pale gold with moderate hop bitterness and a dry finish. Very refreshing.

Mornington Peninsular (VIC) • Bay Haze

Hazy Pale Ale | 4.9% | 375ml 
Drinkability: Quaff
A new face for this classic Victorian brewery. Bay Haze is one of their most recent releases, with notes of nectarine and peach with a touch of pine.

Frexi Brewing (VIC) • Southern Sour

Watermelon & Habanero Sour | 4.9% | 375ml 
Drinkability: Quaff
A unique combination inspired by the amazing cuisine from Louisiana. A bit sweet, a bit tart and a bit spicy.

Urban Alley (VIC) • Slapshot

Aussie Pale Ale | 4.5% | 375ml 
Drinkability: Quaff

A beer that showcases the best of Australian hops in a very easy drinking ale. Expect hints of mango, citrus and passionfruit followed by a balancing and drying bitterness.

Felons Brewing (QLD) • Blueberry IPA

Hybrid IPA | 6.8% | 4740ml 
Drinkability: Savour

American Hops with notes of pine and citrus, followed by a sweet blueberry flavour that’s perfectly balanced with the hop character. A different (and delicious) kind of juicy IPA.

Did you have a fav?

We hope you enjoy this month's selection - let us know below if you found a new fav!

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