Ale Odyssey - Nov/Dec 2023

Ale Odyssey - Nov/Dec 2023

This edition of Ale Odyssey showcases a variety Belgian classic styles and, as you’ll see, the character spectrum is immense. Read more about it here: From Rome to Robes: Belgian Beer Through the Ages

Plus this box is absolutely loaded with collabs! Find some delicous releases created by hot breweries from Aus and abroad, as well a few collabs with yours truly.

What's in the box:

Deschutes • Black Butte XXXV Reserve

Imperial Porter | 11.0% | Bend OR, USA | ⭐

Aroma • Hot Fudge, Caramel Swirl, Plums.
Flavour • Cherry Cola, Chocolate Biscuit, Cascara.
Mouthfeel • Drying, Warming.

Hawkers x Cloudwater • Solar Eclipse

Hazy IPA | 7.2% | Reservior, VIC x Manchester, UK | ⭐

Aroma • Mango, Papaya, Underlying Resin.
Flavour • Stonefruit, Grazzy, Underripe Honeydew.
Mouthfeel • Pillowy, Low Carbonation.

Hawkers x Cloudwater • Lunar Eclipse

Imperial Stout | 10.5% | Reservior, VIC x Manchester, UK | ⭐

Aroma • Charcoal, Cacao Berry, Rocky Road.
Flavour • Raspberries, Chocolate, Treacle.
Mouthfeel • Syrupy, Creamy, Slick.

Val-Dieu • Grand Cru

Quadrupel | 10.5% | Wallonia, Belgium

Aroma • Sticky Date Pudding, Prune, Dulce de Leche.
Flavour • Dark Cherries, Molasses, Blackberry Jam.
Mouthfeel • Surprisingly Dry, Warming.

Working Title • Once Upon A Time in Mexico

Margarita Sour | 6.0% | Newstead, QLD

Aroma • Lime Jellies, Zesty, Floral.
Flavour • Salty, Lime Sorbet, Light Agave.
Mouthfeel • Puckering, Lightly Carbonated.

King River x Carwyn Cellars • KRB: Dortmunter Lager

Dortmunder Export Lager | 6.6% | King Valley x Thornbury VIC

Aroma • Banana Bread, Overripe Lemon, Floral.
Flavour • Bread Crust, Caramel, Red Apple.
Mouthfeel • Creamy, Refreshing.

Uraidla • Omnipresent

Triple IPA | 11.0% | Uraidla, SA | ⭐

Aroma • POG Juice, Jubes, Starburst.
Flavour • Brekky Juice, Pine, Balanced Bitterness.
Mouthfeel • Warming, Syrupy.

Dupont • Cuvee Dry Hopping

Dry Hopped Saison | 6.5% | Wallonia, Belgium

Aroma • Green Banana, Apple Muffins, White Pepper.
Flavour • Herbal, Honey, Underripe Plum.
Mouthfeel • Spritzy, Creamy, Drying.

Lindemans • Oude Kriek Cuvee Rene

Kriek | 7.0% | Vlaanderen, Belgium

Aroma • Cherry Hard Lollies, Rye Loaf, Funk.
Flavour • Cherry Warheads, Wheat, Earthy.
Mouthfeel • Puckering, Drying.

Blackman's x Hawkers • Juicy West Coast IPA

West Coast IPA | 6.3% | Torquay x Reservoir, VIC

Aroma • Apricot, Orange, Pine.
Flavour • Dank, Grapefruit, Marmalade.
Mouthfeel • Medium Bodied, Medium Carbonation.

Bright x Carwyn Cellars • Le Monstres du Chateau: Chartreuse

Chartreuse Barrel Aged Imperial Stout | 11.0% | Bright x Thornbury, VIC

Aroma • Creme de Menthe, Chocolate Bullets, Oak.
Flavour • Aniseed, Bouquet of Herbs, Chocolate Biscuits.
Mouthfeel • Medium Carbonation, Lightly Warming.

Bright x Carwyn Cellars • Le Monstres du Chateau: Rum & Banana Brandy

Blended Rum & Banana Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial Stout | 11.0% | Bright x Thornbury, VIC

Aroma • Herbal, Chocolate Brownie, Coconut.
Flavour • Affogato, Toasted Oak, Mild Banana Bread.
Mouthfeel • Warming, Slick.

⭐ = 4 or higher rating on untappd!

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