Ale Odyssey - July/Aug 2023

Ale Odyssey - July/Aug 2023

In this Ale Odyssey, you'll get an crash course in Hop Terroir, a trend that has been seeing more and more presence around the beer world and which Hawkers have been experimenting with this year. Read more here: Terroir: Not just for the Sommeliers

Plus we have the latest iteration of the 'Conspiracy Series' with 3 Ravens and Carwyn Cellars, a decadent Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout packed with Bourbon and Oak Character!

What's in the box:

3 Ravens x Carwyn Cellars • Bourbon Conspiracy

Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout | 12.8% | Thornbury, VIC

Aroma • Bourbon, oak, brownie.
Flavour • Beam & coke, mocha, vanilla
Mouthfeel • Syrupy, warming.

Hawkers • Barleywine 2023

Barleywine | 11.2% | Reservoir, VIC

Aroma • Plums, toffee, dates.
Flavour • Pine, dark caramel, raisins.
Mouthfeel • Medium-full bodied, syrupy, warming.

Uraidla • Moonlight

Coconut Oatmeal Stout | 5.6% | Uraidla, SA

Aroma • Golden Rough, roasted coffee, desiccated coconut.
Flavour • Lamington, chocolate mousse, cookies.
Mouthfeel • Creamy, dry finish.

Hawkers • Fashionably Punctual: Early Harvest

West Coast IPA | 6.5% | Reservoir, VIC

Aroma • Orange, apricot, white grape.
Flavour • Semillon, fresh herbs, under ripe apricot.
Mouthfeel • Medium bodied, light carbonation.

Hawkers • Fashionably Punctual: Late Harvest

West Coast IPA | 6.5% | Reservoir, VIC

Aroma • Rock melon, golden kiwi, cantaloupe.
Flavour • Resin, bruised peach, mango.
Mouthfeel • Medium bodied, light carbonation.

Epic x Dogfish Head • Portamarillo Rebooted 

Imperial Porter | 9.0% | Auckland (NZ) x Milton, DE (USA)

Aroma • Barbecue pork, roasted tomatoes, chocolate.
Flavour • Salted dark chocolate, soy sauce, choccy biccy.
Mouthfeel • Full bodied, medium carbonation.

Sierra Nevada • Barrel Aged Narwhal

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout | 11.9% | Chico, CA USA

Aroma • Toffee, chocolate milk, coconut.
Flavour • Bourbon, vanilla, chocolate.
Mouthfeel • Smooth, full and velvety.

Banks • What’s The Word?

Barrel Aged Imperial Pastry Stout | 10.6% | Seaford, VIC

Aroma • Chocolate fudge, coconut, hazelnut.
Flavour • Vietnamese coffee, chocolate ganache, vanilla yoghurt.
Mouthfeel • Unctuous, rich.

Cascade • Apricot 2021

Barrel Aged Sour Blonde w/ Apricots | 7.1% | Portland, OR USA

Aroma • Apricot skin, sherbert, nectarine.
Flavour • Warheads, peach iced tea, dried apricots.
Mouthfeel • Zippy, clean, dry.

Range • JAM: Raspberry & Maple Pie

Pastry Sour | 4.6% | Newstead, QLD

Aroma • Raspberry jelly lollies, raspberry warheads, cream.
Flavour • Raspberry, maple, weet-bix.
Mouthfeel • Creamy, puckering.

Range • Triple Floating On Green: Citra

Oat Cream Triple IPA | 10.0% | Newstead, QLD

Aroma • Lemon curd, Fanta, peaches & cream.
Flavour • Surprisingly herbal, Cointreau, orange gelato.
Mouthfeel • Very lightly carbonated, pillowy.

Fox Friday • Follow The Signs

Hazy Double IPA | 8.1% | Moonah, TAS

Aroma • Peach nectar, nectarine, rosewater.
Flavour • Nectarine, overripe pear, honey nut crunch.
Mouthfeel • Lightly carbonated, syrupy.

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