Ale Odyssey - Jan/Feb 2024

Ale Odyssey - Jan/Feb 2024

This edition of Ale Odyssey a couple of beers from breweries that are part of HORAL. Not sure what that is? Learn about organisations that protect the artisanal brewing processes here: Gardians of the Ale-axy

Plus, this box features some heavy hitter imperial stouts (nut warnings included!) and fresh AF IPAs. But (for us) the dark horses are the two more unusual beers - Two Metre Tall's wild spelt ale and Schlenkerla's cherrywood smoked red ale. A very enjoyable box!

What's in the box:

De Molen • Pinda & Hagel

Chocolate & Peanut Imperial Stout | 10.0% | Zuid-Holland, Netherland

Aroma • Reeces Pieces, Peanut Brittle, Milo.
Flavour • Peanut Butter Brownie, Biscuit, Coffee.
Mouthfeel • Warming, Slick.

Duncan's • Upcycle

Banoffee Imperial Pastry Stout | 10.2% | Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Aroma • Banana Bread, Caramel, Vanilla.
Flavour • Fresh Banana, Cardamom, Burnt Sugar.
Mouthfeel • Dry, Medium Bodied.

Garage Project • Belly Of The Beast

Imperial Dessert Porter with Almonds & Cacao | 12.0% | Wellington, New Zealand

Aroma • Port, Rum & Raisin, Sacher-torte (cake).
Flavour • Chocolate Truffle, Marzipan, Coffee Cake.
Mouthfeel • Syrupy, Warming.

Pohjala x PINTA BARREL • Bison In The Barrel Room

Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Baltic Porter with Bisongrass | 13.5% | Tallin, Estonia x Wieprz, Poland

Aroma • Sherry, Brownie, Dark Chocolate Syrup.
Flavour • Chocolate Bullets, Black Forest Gateau, Wine Poached Applese.
Mouthfeel • Unctuous, Warming.

Lambiek Fabriek • Jart-Elle 2023

Oude Kriek | 6.0% | Vlaanderen, Belgium

Aroma • Musty, Funky, Dry Cherries.
Flavour • Cherry Coulis, Earthy, Herbal.
Mouthfeel • Spritzy, Light Bodied.

Lindemans • Tarot Noir

Dark Berry Lambic | 8.0% | Vlaanderen, Belgium

Aroma • Blackberry Jam, Cherry Candy Canes, Blueberry Muffin.
Flavour • Forest Fruits Yoplait, Candy, Purple Gummy Snakes.
Mouthfeel • Syrupy, Medium-Full Bodied.

Schlenkerla • Weichsel

Rotbier | 4.6% | Bamberg, Germany

Aroma • Xmas Ham, Campfire, Dark Caramel.
Flavour • Maple Glazed Ham, Barbecue, Red Apple Cider.
Mouthfeel • Medium-Light Bodied, Refreshing.

Two Metre Tall • Derwent

Wild Spelt Ale | 5.2% | Derwent Valley, TAS

Aroma • Fresh Quince, Underripe Banana, Gooseberry.
Flavour • Banana Peel, Lemon Drop, Bready.
Mouthfeel • Puckering, Refreshing.

Range • Show Business

Double Dry Hopped Double IPA | 8.5% | Newstead, QLD

Aroma • Coconut, Pineapple, Nectarine.
Flavour • Pina Colada, Resinous, Soursop.
Mouthfeel • Creamy, Full Bodied.

Range • Memory Lane

West Coast IPA | 6.5% | Newstead, QLD

Aroma • Piney, Kiwi Fruit, Dank.
Flavour • Pink Grapefruit, Resinous, Dry Peaches.
Mouthfeel • Creamy, Medium Bodied.

Deeds • Yearn For The Mines

West Coast IPA | 6.9% | Glen Iris, VIC

Aroma • Marmalade, Golden Syrup, Citrus.
Flavour • Honey, Rock Melon, Candied Orange.
Mouthfeel • Slick, Refreshing.

Two Rupees • Hidden Frequencies Vol. 1: Galaxy & Eclipse

Hazy IPA | 6.0% | Clayton, VIC

Aroma • Pineapple, Papaya, Passionfruit.
Flavour • Mandarin Peel, Herbal, Breakfast Juice.
Mouthfeel • Refreshing, Low carbonation.

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