Ale Odyssey - Box #9

Ale Odyssey - Box #9

This Ale Odyssey takes you far & wide - both in Aus and internationally! With two WA beers crossing the Nullarbor (no small feat with the current flooding in WA), to a Kentucky classic and a scattered collection of modern European beers, this box sure takes you travelling!

Plus, take a look into the budding craft beer scene in Estonia, alongside two treats from the two top rated Estonian craft breweries in this box: Baltic Beer in the 21st Century: what’s next for Estonia? 

What's in the box:

Deeds • Peanut Butter Imperial Stout

Imperial Pastry Stout | 10.0% | Glen Iris, VIC

Aroma • Fudge, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Ice-cream.
FlavourPicnic, Snickers, Roasty.
Mouthfeel Slick, Smooth.

Pühaste • Dekadents

Imperial Stout | 11.2% | Tartu, Estonia

Aroma • Raisin, Chocolate, Coconut.
Flavour • Vanilla, Black Forest Brownie, Red Grapes.
Mouthfeel • Unctuous.

Põhjala • Kamin

Cognac, Sherry & Islay Barrel Aged Imperial Porter | 11.0% | Tallinn, Estonia

Aroma • Dark Fruits, Waft of Islay.
Flavour • Plums, Blackberry Jam, Peaty.
Mouthfeel • Syrupy, Coating.

Against The Grain • Bo & Luke

Barrel Aged Imperial Smoked Stout | 13.0% | Louisville, KY USA

Aroma • Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Campfire.
Flavour • Smoked Old Fashioned, Dark Chocolate, Drip Coffee.
Mouthfeel • Full-bodied, Creamy.

Firestone Walker x O'Hara's • Fiáin

Honey Wild Ale | 6.5% | Paso Robles, CA USA x Carlow, Ireland

Aroma • Sherry, Caramel, Prune.
Flavour • Ripe Muscat Grapes, Toast, Thyme.
Mouthfeel • Dry, Effervescent.

Felons x Madre Mezcal • Margarita Sour

Margarita Sour | 4.5% | Brisbane, QLD AUS x Oaxaca, Mexico

Aroma • Lime Zest, Agave, Brine.
Flavour • Bread, Capsicum, Lime Juice.
Mouthfeel • Refreshing, Spritzy.

Range • What Are The Odds?

Triple Dry Hopped Double IPA | 8.6% | Newstead, QLD AUS

Aroma • Mango, Rockmelon, Coconut.
Flavour • Honeydew, Coconut Cream, Mango Pip.
Mouthfeel • Syrupy, Lightly Carbonated.

Valhalla • Genesis

Double Black Ale | 8.8% | Torquay, VIC AUS

Aroma • Light Smoke, Dark Chocolate, Capsaicin.
Flavour • Roasty, Resinous, Cola.
Mouthfeel • Light Astringency, Dry.

Good Land • Subtitles

Cold IPA | 7.0% | Traralgon, VIC AUS

Aroma • Grapefruit, Guava, Muddled Peach.
Flavour • Honeydew, Peaches & Cream, Candied Mango.
Mouthfeel • Creamy, Medium Bodied.

Good Land x Stewart • Under & Over

Oat Cream IPA | 6.3% | Traralgon, VIC AUS x Edinburgh, Scotland

Aroma • Underripe Mango, Tinned Peaches, Papaya.
Flavour • Lemonade Fruit Punch, Orange Sorbet, Nashi Pear.
Mouthfeel • Pillowy, Light Carbonation.

Rocky Ridge • Wet Hop Ace

Wet Hop IPA | 6.8% | Busselton, WA AUS

Aroma • Grassy, Blood Orange, Pine.
Flavour • Candied Lemon, Cucumber, Bready.
Mouthfeel • Lightly Carbonated.

Rocky Ridge x Eagle Bay • Eagle Rock V5

Double Dry Hopped Sparkling Ale | 6.0% | Busselton x Eagle Bay, WA AUS

Aroma • Orange blossom, Marmalade, Earl Grey .
Flavour • Honey, Dry Orange Peel, Carrot Cake.
Mouthfeel • Medium-light Bodied, Refreshing.

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