The Beerthusiast Pack
The Beerthusiast Pack

The Beerthusiast Pack

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The best value beer subscription in Aus! We are dedicated to giving Australia unfettered access to truly excellent local & international beer - all at a very juicy price.

What's in the box?

We curate a balanced selection of easy drinking pale & lagers, dark ales & stouts, and a sour beer of the month - just to keep things a little interesting!

In most packs, you can expect 5 twins beers, alongside two singles that stand out above the pack. The pack changes each month!

How does it work?

Once you have signed up, generally, we'll ship your first box straight away.

We have a buffer zone in place, so you don't get two of the same boxes in a month! If you sign up between the 1st - 7th of the month, be patient - your beer should be shipped within 5 business days following the buffer period.

Beerthusiast Billing Cycle

Payment date: 7th of the month!

Once you are in the club we'll process your payment on the 7th of each month and ship within 5 business days.

Gift this Subscription!

Choose to gift this as a once-off box or a gift subscription, set the duration (anywhere from 2 months - 12 months!) and choose to pre-pay or cover it monthly. Not too shabby!

Past Beerthusiast Releases!

Want to see what our past Beerthusiast boxes contained, or catch up on the beer focused articles we release? Check out our blog here: #Beerthusiast.

Questions? Chuck us an email us at: