The Gift Of Beer
The Gift Of Beer

The Gift Of Beer

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The lucky recipient of this gift subscription will receive our monthly Beerthusiast beer box!

What's in the box?

The pack includes a dozen brews once a month, ranging from brand new releases, new breweries, old favourites, and fresh bottlings too tasty to pass up. Not too shabby!

How to give the gift of beer:

1. Choose between a once-off purchase, or to gift a subscription. If you would like to subscribe them for a spell, choose where from 2 - 12 months. You can even pre-pay to take out the hassle!

2. Add to cart and check out. If you would like to add a gift message, just write it under 'special instructions'. We'll do the rest!

3. We create each month's box on the 7th, so orders placed between 1st - 6th will be sent within 5 business days after the 7th so you gift the fresh new box! Outside of the first week, the first gift box will then ship within 5 business days of your initial purchase. If you chose to subscribe, after the initial order, will process it out on the 7th of every month, and send out the next box close to that date, until your subscription period is completed.

Past Beerthusiast Releases

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Questions? Chuck us an email us at: