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The 'Terroir' Discussion

If you’ve ever sipped a glass of wine, you’ve probably heard of terroir.  It’s a word used so much in the wine world that it almost belongs to it. One day, roughly a year ago, I decided to drop the term into a conversation I was having with a more advanced wine fiend.  Through ‘terroir’ I was trying to describe, strictly, the soil of the vineyard. The wine fiend’s response threw me, ‘I’d be careful with that word’ he said. Our conversation diverted from the wine in hand to the concept of terroir, a concept with so many schools of thought it gets overwhelming and makes it hard for one to nail down.  To some it is the life force...

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Napa Made Me Do It

The landscape was utterly stunning, rolling hills covered in trees that resembled broccoli bushes. The weather was warm, but didn’t come with the dry heat of Los Angeles, and the setting sun bathed Napa in a golden blanket. In fact, I don’t know if it was ever midday or midnight in the valley, for in my memory the Napa sun is always at golden hour.

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Vintage and the Winemaking Process

You can think of vintage/ harvest as the AFL Finals Series of the wine world; with teams at every winery around the world labouring with the utmost care to ensure the greatest expression of the year’s haul. Or, if you're like Team Schmooze, you could think of it as anything other than a sports analogy. The RuPaul's All Stars of the wine world. 

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