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The Importance of Beer Labels

The label tells us what we’re drinking, who made it, the ABV and all the other legal requirements, but when I’m scanning our fridges, shelves, or online shop to select my next brew it’s rare that I am focusing on words. Instead, as though wandering through a gallery, I am taking in the images.Even when I am hunting for a specific brewery it’s the logo, an image, that I am trying to pick out from the crowd. And in a world of over 19,000 breweries, at Carwyn alone we have hundreds of breweries and nearly 1000 beers in our shop at any given time, its important to stand out in the crowd. And what stands out to one person may...

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Vintage and the Winemaking Process

You can think of vintage/ harvest as the AFL Finals Series of the wine world; with teams at every winery around the world labouring with the utmost care to ensure the greatest expression of the year’s haul. Or, if you're like Team Schmooze, you could think of it as anything other than a sports analogy. The RuPaul's All Stars of the wine world.  Anyway, back to it.  In the Northern Hemisphere vintage normally takes place between August and October, while here in the Southern Hemisphere it's generally between February to April – this year’s (2021 vintage) is winding down as we write this. Timing is everything during these months. Winemakers and viticulturists carefully follow the weather and taste grapes daily throughout their plots, paying attention to acid, sugar, flavour concentration, and tannin. They then send grapes to the lab for further analysis....

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