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Gin Drop: Noosa Gin - Strawberry

Everything about this gin makes us ready for fun in the sun! Using freshly picked strawberries from local farmers which are then hand cut and macerated in their Navy Strength gin for six weeks after which it was pressed and filtered. Alongside those fresh fresh strawberries, this juicy morsel also uses the familiar juniper, coriander seed, cassia bark lemon, and the not so familiar ginger, black pepper, mustard seed and Sicillian olives.

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Gin Drop: Stoneflow - Bushwillow Gin

A December gin TREAT! This month's distillery, stoneflow is the love child of a night of drinking between friends! Their entire range is balanced, unique, enjoyable neat or with tonic and exude elegance and creativity utilizing the botanicals of South Africa.

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Gin Drop: Never Never - Ginache

Our friends at Never Never Distilling Co have absolutely hooked up our Gin Drop subscribers this month! On top of the usual hand selected gin and suggested cocktail (read on for our Charlie Chaplin recipe), this month's Gin Drop subscribers score a Never Never pack of dehydrated citrus garnishes and an ultra cute magnet set. 

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