Beerthusiast - May 2022

As the weather cools, we look at a cold climate classic - the Nitro Irish Stout. Dreamy, cascading bubbles create a luscious and creamy mouthfeel, and with toasty malt flavours, it feels like you're cosying up with a warm blanket.

What's in the box:

Range Brewing (QLD) • Buddy

Czech Pale Lager | 4.2%
Drinkability: Quaff

Using traditional Czech Budvar yeast and German hop, Mittelfruh, this is an Aussie take on an old world classic. A bit of malt, a bit of bitterness, a bit of body, and a lot of freshness.

Moo Brew (TAS) • Tassie Ale

Pale Ale | 4.3%
Drinkability: Quaff

The sibling to the BREW series ‘Tassie Lager’. A little tropical, a little malt – just a really tasty beer!

The Mill (VIC) • Daydream

Session Ale | 4.6%
Drinkability: Quaff

The generosity of the hops doesn’t go amiss in this satisfying ale, which packs tons of aroma without any aggressive bitterness.

Bridge Road (VIC) • White Peach & Raspberry Sour

Fruited Sour | 4.3%
Drinkability: Quaff

The newest addition to Bridge Road’s series of fruited sours. If you’re not ready to let go of Summer, this fruit medley will keep you in the sunshine.

Colonial (VIC) • Autumn Ale

Amber Ale | 5.7%
Drinkability: Savour

This beer eases us into the colder months with a nice citrus burst alongside spice, berry and toffee notes that will give you the warm fuzzies.

Wayward (NSW) • Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA | 5.8%
Drinkability: Quaff

This new addition to Wayward’s core range is tasting fresh as a daisy. Expect grapefruit, pineapple, passionfruit, and soft finish.

O'Hara's (IRELAND) • Nitro Irish Stout

Nitro Stout | 6.8%
Drinkability: Savour

Tis finally the season to dig into a glorious, roasted dry Irish Stout! Thanks to the nitro, the creamy mouthfeel is like you’re cosying up in a velvety warm blanket.

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